Fire Department

The West Frankfort Fire Department is located at 201 E. Nolen. The Fire Department is comprised of 12 full time firefighters, and 8 on call firefighters. West Frankfort has an ISO rating of 5 class, which will save homeowners on insurance payments.

(618) 937-1234 
Commissioner: Jerry Harkins   
Fire Chief: Derek Sailliez 

The Fire Department also runs an emergency ambulance service to three different hospitals: Herrin, Marion, and Benton. All Fire Fighters are certified paramedics.

Yard Waste
Yard Waste may only be burned from sun up to sun down.  No man made material shall be burned.

City Burn Ordinance (Air Pollution Ordinance): Frequently Asked Questions
1. May I burn leaves and sticks in my yard?

(Answer) – Yes.

You may burn limbs, twigs, and leaves. Residents of single or double family dwellings located on one (1) or more residential lots shall be allowed to burn dried limbs (no greater than 4 inches in diameter), twigs, and leaves that originated from their lot or contiguous premises. These items may only be burned from 8:00 a.m. to Dusk.

2. I just had tree fall down/cut down in my yard. May I burn it?

(Answer) - No.

You may only burn limbs, twigs, and leaves that are less than 4 inches in diameter.

3. May I burn an old couch that we don’t need any more?

(Answer) – No.

You may not burn any home furnishings. If it doesn’t grow in your yard, you may not burn it.

4. I am remodeling and have just a little building material left over. Can I burn them?

(Answer) – No.

You may not burn any type of building materials

5. My daughter is having a birthday party and we want to roast marshmallows with a fire in back yard. Can we do that?

(Answer) – Yes.

These are referred to as comfort fires. Personal comfort fires must not create a nuisance or a fire hazard, and must be attended by a responsible person, at all times, until completely extinguished. The guidelines for proper comfort fires are:

a) The fire must be contained in an appropriate container.

b) No paper, trash, or treated wood can be used in the fire. All material must be clean and free of dirt, oil, paint, and other toxic materials. Wood must not extend over the top of the container.

c) A ventilated, non-combustible mesh-covered container must be used. The mesh covering must have openings no greater than 1/4 inch.

d) The container must be no greater than 2 feet in diameter and 1 foot in height.

e) The container must be more than 15 feet away from any other structure or combustible material.

f) The ambient temperature must be 60˚F or below to provide warmth.

g) The fire must be attended at all times.

h) Burning must occur between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00pm.

I) Fire must be extinguished if complaints are received by the City, Fire Department, or Police Department.

6. Our church, school would like to have a bonfire is it allowed?

(Answer) - Yes.

Only dry naturally occurring wood products may be burned (i.e. branches, twigs). Fire material must be less than 4" inches in diameter. No paper, trash, or treated wood can be used in the fire. All material must be clean and free of dirt, oil, paint, and other toxic materials. Burning must occur on agricultural, residential, special use (Churches), (Schools), (Charitable and Philanthropic Institutions), and Park District zoned property. Use of flammable liquids to start fire is not permitted. Horseplay near the fire is not permitted. An area must be designated for onlookers in order to prevent bodily harm. Fire Department is not to be relied on for extinguishment of Ceremonial fires or Bonfires except in the event of an emergency. An extinguishing source must be available for immediate use (i.e. water hose, fire extinguisher). Water or means of extinguishment must be maintained throughout the course of the burn and the fire must be attended by a responsible party at all times. Burning must occur at least fifty (50) feet from any structure and combustible materials, (i.e. fences, garages, houses, and the drip line outside of a tree). Burning must be stopped if the Fire Department or Police Department determines that the burn unreasonably interferes with another individual's comfortable enjoyment of life and property, or if there is unsuitable wind or weather conditions prior to and during actual ceremonial or bonfire activity. Burning shall not be allowed for the purpose of disposing of materials generated from the owner's property in order to avoid illegal burning.

The aggregate amounts of burn material shall not exceed: 12 feet in diameter and 5 feet in height for bonfires. Contact the City and the local fire department at least two weeks prior to date of Ceremonial and Bonfires for five dollar ($5.00) permit.

7. When and where do we go to obtain bonfire permit and how much does it cost?

(Answer) – Burning Permits may be obtained at City Hall. Permits are $5.00 each. Once your permit is filled out, it must be turned into the Fire Department. Permits must be obtained and turned into the Fire Department no less than two weeks prior to the effective date.

8. Are there ever burning bans?

(Answer)- Yes.

Burn bans may be issued by the City or the Fire Chief. In general, these bans are issued when it is determined that weather and vegetation conditions create unsafe burning conditions. Announcements will be made in the media, and via the City and the Fire Departments Facebook pages when burn bans are in place.

Be Safe And Be Smart. When It Is Windy, Or Vegetation Is Dry, Burning Is Discouraged. If You Decide To Burn; Be Responsible And Stay With The Fire. Do Not Leave A Fire Unattended For Any Amount Of Time For Any Reason. If You’re Unsure, Don’t Burn. Always Have Some Way Of Extinguishing The Fire. If Your Fire Begins To Get Out Of Hand, Immediately Call 911. Do Not Wait. Thank You For Your Help